There are times where foot and ankle problems can be treated without surgery. In fact, Dr. Kenneth Segal, our podiatrist in Providence, provides conservative, nonsurgical treatment options before recommending surgery. Currently, there are several nonsurgical treatments in Providence that can help reduce foot and ankle pain. These options come with few side effects or complications, which means treatment is easy.

Weight Management and Activity

A healthy weight, along with regular exercise, is essential in helping to reduce joint pain and stiffness, build strong muscle around the joints and increase flexibility. While losing weight might not reverse the damage that has already been done to the joint, it has been shown to have a dramatic effect on the relief of pain. Talk to Dr. Segal in Providence about the non-surgical treatment of the foot and ankle with weight management and activity.

Physical Therapy

Another important part of the nonsurgical treatment of the foot and ankle in Providence is physical therapy. The goal of physical therapy is to get you to return to everyday activities without difficulty. Dr. Segal, our podiatrist in Providence, might recommend a combination of isometric movement exercises to help build muscle strength without subjecting inflamed joints to even more wear and tear. Dr. Segal may also recommend isotonic exercises to increase muscle strength and preserve function. The combination of both types of physical therapy can be a great option in Providence for non-surgical treatment.

Contact Dr. Kenneth Segal in Providence for nonsurgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions. By scheduling an appointment, Dr. Segal can further improve your treatment options.